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Synergy 1st overall small Level I Jazz- "The Devil is in the Beats"

Synergy 1st overall small Level II Hip Hop- "Still Here"

Synergy 1st overall large Level II Lyrical- "Let it Be"

Synergy 2nd overall large Level II Open- "Las Chiapanecas"

Synergy 3rd Overall large Level I Hip Hop- "Stack to the Ceiling"


Synergy SHINE: "95", "Let it Be", "Stack to the Ceiling", "El Mariachi", "Viva Aguascalientes", "Still Here".


Synergy PLATINUM: "Halo", "I Won't Let You", "The Devil is in the Beats", "Me & My Girls", "Las Chiapanecas",


Synergy HIGH GOLD- "Feed Your Head", "Make it Work"

Synergy GOLD- "Waves"


Judges Awards- Forever Fierce- Feed your Head

                              "J-lo Award"- Stack to the Cieling


Synergy Best Showmanship Plaque





Highest Score of the Competition - "Snap Ya Fingers"

Synergy 1st overall small Level II- "Break the Silence"

Synergy 1st overall line Level II- "Snap ya Fingers"

Synergy 1st overall large Level II- "El Gavilancillo"

Synergy 2nd overall large Level I- "El Buey"

Synergy 2nd overall large Level II-"Everybody wants to rule the world"

Synergy 2nd overall line Level II- "Black Ocean"

Synergy 3rd Overall large Level I- "Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada"


Synergy SHINE: "El Gavilancillo", "Everybody wants to rule the world", "Snap ya Fingers", "Vista Alegre", "Break the Silence"


Synergy PLATINUM: "Black Ocean", "Et Ideo", "Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada", "A Lingo Lingo", "El Buey", "For Mandy".


Synergy HIGH GOLD- "Go Crazy", "Lights, Camera, Action", "Not About Angels"


Judges Awards- Owning It award, Kings and Queens award, Honorable Heritage award,  Most Entertaining, Tradition award, Most Unified Award.


Synergy Showmanship Plaque




Sunset Dance Program ranked #5 in the District




1st overall large Level II - "Jalisco"


Synergy SHINE- "Jalisco"


Synergy PLATINUM- "I know I'm Fly", "Vera Cruz"


Synergy HIGH GOLD- "The Purge", "Guerrero", "When the love

Runs Out", "Latch", "Revolver", "Glam", "With or Without You", "I Will Be"


Synergy Special Awards- Fiercest Costume, Most Respectful Studio, Always On Time, Sassy Superstars, Best Couple


High Kick ADTS All-American- Alondra Garcia




Synergy HIGH GOLD Award

Synergy 1st Overall small Level I - "Can't Hold Us", Guys Hip-Hop

Synergy 2nd Overall large Level I - "El Sapo", Chiapas Folkorico

Synergy 3rd Overall for Duet Level II - "A Little Party"

Synergy 3rd Overall small Level II- "Young and Beautiful"


Judges awards- "Hittin it Hard", "High Energy",


Liberty Bowl "Spirit Award"



Synergy Gold and Silver Award

Synergy 2nd overall Large Level II- "La Negra"

Synergy 1st overall small Level II- "Modern Jazz"


Sunset Dance Program rank #4 in the district


Danceline Sweepstakes Winner

Danceline Most Entertaining

Anita Jefferson Conelly Award

3rd in Danceline's Technique Challenge- Aliyah Branch

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