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     February 28th-March 2nd 2023 

     4:45-6:30pm, Dance Gym 




       March 3rd, 2023 

     4:45-9:00pm, Auditorium



All candidates will learn 3 short dances in the styles of jazz, hip hop, and folklorico every day at the clinic.

Candidates will then perform those dances in front of judges who score them accordingly

Students will know if they made the team that night. 

E-mail Director Mrs. Huggins for questions or to request an online audition.



Mandatory meeting about cost, practice schedule, camps and will be February 6th at 6:45pm in person in the Sunset Dance Gymnasium and on ZOOM. 




​Class Code: 4rjh2ii

The google classroom is where all information will be about auditions (location, process, message the dance teachers etc). There are also links to tutorial videos of dance elements in the audition.




During the school year SDC practices from 4:45-6:30pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays. 

If you make the company you will not start practicing as a team until summer 2023.

Sunset Dance Company may attend performances during the weekday, on the weekend, or on a holiday. Mrs. Huggins will give the dancer a calendar months in advance so that they can schedule off work and organize rides. 


Candidates should participate in the spirit days wearing any of the following:

    √ Workout Shorts

    √ T-shirts, Leotards, Tanks

    √ Sports Bra

    √ Athletic Shoes for the hip hop

    √ Socks, paws or jazz shoes

    √ Folklorico shoes if you have them

     NO jewelry of any kind  

     NO gum

     NO tattoos may be visible. 

     NO long fake nails.

     NO  clothes with your prior dance team logo



Practice your dances


Work on all motions and sequences. Practice in front of a mirror. This helps you to see yourself and anything that might need more work.


Be Prepared


Come to practice ready to work hard and to learn. Make sure all our paperwork is turned in on time. This shows the Director that you are responsible.


Show Confidence


Directors and dancer’s agree that it's important to have a positive, enthusiastic outlook, especially on tryout day. If you aren't energetic and excited about trying out, your body and your facial expressions will give you away. If you make a mistake move on. Do not giggle, fuss, or get embarrassed. It is okay to make mistakes. It is how you handle it that counts.


Look Your Best


On the big day, a minimal amount of makeup looks best. Use lip balm to keep your lips moist and bright. Keep blush, eyeliner and eye shadow subtle. You don't want it running when you get sweaty. Make sure your nails are trimmed (long nails are a safety hazard) and remove all nail polish. Remember to pull your hair back on Friday so that the judges can see your smiling face! Also, lose the gum. It's a no-go during practice and performance. Relax and Have Fun!



Adults comprised of the dance directors, professional dancers, former dancers etc. 


Grade Sheet (15)

Folklorico Dance (25)

Jazz Dance (25)

Hip Hop Dance (25)

Performance Quality (10)


Total- 100pts



Grade Sheet: (15pts) In order to earn the full 15 points you must have good grades, good comments from your teachers, as well as turning the form in on time.

Folklorico: (25 pts) The judges will be looking at how close you are to the correct steps. Your speed may vary. Smiles are necessary in folklorico dance.

Jazz: (25 pts) The judges will be looking for pointed toes, timing, technique, memorization, and appropriate facial expressions.

Hip-Hop: (25 pts) The judges will be looking for someone fun to watch! We want to be entertained by you! Make sure you memorize all your steps and be BIG.

Performance Quality: (20 pts) This category is based on your confidence as a dancer. Do the judges enjoy watching you dance? If you mess up do you make a strange face and give up or do you keep on going? Make the judges WANT to watch you.

The Judges will rank the candidates scores from highest to lowest. Mrs. Huggins and Mr. Arredondo will consider each candidate based on their scores, grades, past behavior, past performance on dance company, discipline problems, and willingness to improve. The company will be chosen from the natural break in the scores. 



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