2019-2020 Bison Belles 

Dance Officers:
Captain: Natalie M.
1st Lieutenant: Jazelle S.
Lieutenant: Stephanie C.
 Lieutenant: Julissa F.
 Lieutenant: Diana M.
Director, Ms. Kaleigh Kelley 

This is Ms. Kelley’s 2nd year at Sunset High School where she directs the JV drill team, the Bison Belles as well as assists Mrs. Huggins with the Bisonettes and varsity dance company. She teaches dance I and dance II/III/IV.

Ms. Kelley has been involved in the performing arts since the young age of three. She has studied theatre, vocal music, and all dance genres including classical ballet, tap, jazz, drill team, musical theatre, world dance, hip hop, and contemporary/modern for over 25 years. She has taught dance in Dallas Independent School District for 6 years where she created and grew and inaugural dance program including a classical dance company and drill team from the ground up.


Ms. Kelley's philosophy on teaching is filled with kindness, patience, and understanding. She believes that every child has something special to give, and should be treated as such. She pushes her students to do their personal best, and leads by example in all she does.


She has stage managed children’s theatre and dance productions for several years including the Nutcracker, the Secret Garden, Free to Be You and Me, and numerous full length dance productions. She is well versed in communicating with actors, dancers, and technical crew alike to produce successful shows that the audience will enjoy.


She has also been a competition judge with Danceline Productions USA, and has choreographed several award winning solos, and group dances for national dance & drill team competitions.


She graduated in December 2016 with her Masters degree in Arts Administration from Indiana University.

Line Members
Alisha A.
Estefania A.
Karely B.
Judith C.
Paulina F.
Cassandra G.
Gisselle G.
Melissa Diana J.
 Alexis J.
Leslie L.
Kayla L.
Annette M.
Yamilet M.
Leslie N.
Victoria P.
Yulieanna Q.
Audrey R.
Emma S.
Sophia S.
Marina S.
Jaqueline T.
Melonie T.
Jocelyn T.
Evelyn V.
Rubi V.
Manager Ana S.
Manager Grace D.

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