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March 7th-10th 2023

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Clinic to learn Material
March 7th-9th, 2023
4:45-6:30, Indoor Dance Gymnasium


Drill Team auditions are for both the Bisonettes Varsity Drill Team and the Bison Belles JV Drill Team.  



All candidates will learn a dance which includes the styles of jazz, kick, and pom during the 3 day clinic (attending all three days is crucial as the candidates are learning a portion of the dance each day). 

Candidates will then perform those dances in front of judges who score them accordingly.

Students will find out the results immediately following the tryout. 

E-mail Director Mrs. Huggins for questions or to request an online audition. 




Class Code: 4rjh2ii

The google classroom is where all information will be about auditions (location, process, communication etc). There are also links to tutorial videos of dance elements in the audition.

                                Parent Meeting

Mandatory meeting about cost, practice schedule, camps and more will occur February 6th at 6:45pm in the Sunset Dance Gymnasium and on ZOOM. Join the google classroom to get the link to the zoom. 

Practice and Performance

During the school year the Bison Belles practice M/W/F morning from 7:45-10:15 (students must attend Sunset High School). Bisonettes practice M/W from 4:45-6:30pm. For Varsity students may attend another school however Sunset has to be their home school (ex. Booker T, Townview, Irma Rangel, another Collegiate).  

If you make the teams you will have one performance at the Bisonette Spring Show (March 25th). You will not start practicing as a new team until summer 2023.

Bisonettes and Belles may attend performances during the weekday, on the weekend, or on a holiday. Mrs. Huggins and Mr. Arredondo will give dancers a calendar months in advance so that they can schedule off work and organize rides. 


Candidates should participate in the spirit days wearing any of the following:

√ Workout Shorts, Leggings

√ T-shirts, Leotards, Tanks

√ Sports Bra

√ Socks, paws or jazz shoes

NO jewelry of any kind  

NO gum

NO tattoos may be visible. 

NO long fake nails.

NO clothes with your prior dance team logo

NO tummies showing



 Dance Tryout Tips


Practice your dances


Work on all motions and sequences. Practice in front of a mirror. This helps you to see yourself and anything that might need more work.


Be Prepared


Come to practice ready to work hard and to learn. Make sure all our paperwork is turned in on time. This shows the Director that you are responsible.


Show Confidence


Directors and dancer’s agree that it's important to have a positive, enthusiastic outlook, especially on tryout day. If you aren't energetic and excited about trying out, your body and your facial expressions will give you away. If you make a mistake move on. Do not giggle, fuss, or get embarrassed. It is okay to make mistakes. It is how you handle it that counts.


Look Your Best


On the big day, a minimal amount of makeup looks best. Use lip balm to keep your lips moist and bright. Keep blush, eyeliner and eye shadow subtle. You don't want it running when you get sweaty. Make sure your nails are trimmed (long nails are a safety hazard) and remove all nail polish. Remember to pull your hair back on Friday so that the judges can see your smiling face! Also, lose the gum. It's a no-go during practice and performance. Relax and Have Fun!




Professional drill team judges will evaluate the tryouts.

We use a “YES”, “NO”, “MAYBE”, system which many DFW Drill Teams have successfully adopted.

Candidates will be judged on the following criteria:
Grades & Behavior, Appearance, Splits, Kick technique, Dance technique, Showmanship, and Memory.


Explanation of criteria:
YES- these students will display intermediate/advanced technical abilities, an entertaining presence, the ability to memorize and perform choreography with rhythmic accuracy, proficiency in high kicks, sharp precision, respectful with no behavior issues (ex. ISS/OSS/ Referrals/Problems with teachers/inappropriate social media content) and passing grades.

MAYBE- these students will display beginner technical abilities, an entertaining presence, the ability to memorize choreography, moderate flexibility, clean movement, respectful with no behavior issues (ex. ISS/OSS/ Referrals/Problems with teachers) and passing grades.

NO- little to no technical ability, no performance presence, difficulty memorizing choreography (multiple mistakes throughout routine), lack of flexibility, poor precision, past issues with grades and/or behavior.

The judges will circle a YES, MAYBE, or NO on the judges sheet.
Students that receive a “YES” will be a
Students that receive a “MAYBE” will be a Bison Belle
Students that receive a “NO” may tryout again next year.

Plenty of feedback will be given from the judges if the student receives a “MAYBE” or “NO” as to the candidate’s performance and what they need to improve on for next year. Membership of the Varsity or JV Drill Team shall consist of fittingly selected members. For Varsity a maximum of 50 Members, for JV a maximum of 25. The Directors will consider each candidate’s behavior and ability to represent the drill team positively. 


                                                      Good Luck Candidates!



Audition in front of Judges
March 10th, 2023
4:45-10:00, Indoor Dance Gymnasium


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